About Us


Khayyam International Festival of Invention and Innovation in order to promote and develop the culture of innovation with the aim of launching an ecosystem of innovation with advanced technology and scientific development with the broad support of countries, research institutes, innovative companies, universities and scientific centers, domestic businessmen and industrialists. Foreign has been selected as the only international event in Iran by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIIPA).


1- Launching an innovation ecosystem with advanced technology and scientific development

2 – Information on the latest technologies and inventions of domestic and foreign inventors

3 – Cultural flow and knowledge-based economy to help achieve the resistance economy

4- Consulting and technical, financial and economic evaluation of projects

5 – Creating double motivation to start a special scientific development among inventors and innovators

6- Introducing producers and investors to inventors and following up to the production stage by the festival

7- Assessing the needs of organizations, organs and industries, and introducing similar plans to declare the need

8- A suitable space for the presence of students to create and increase motivation among them